Helping Residents Get Your Laundry Done Faster & Easier

We understand the frustration that comes when laundry machines aren’t working, have ruined clothing, or won’t take your money.
This is why Coin Meter has a customer support staff available by phone or email.
Since we are local to the Pacific Northwest, our customer support can meet with residents in person to talk over problems, concerns, or conduct training for machine use.
You’ll get faster service and repair with Coin Meter.
If your laundry machine isn’t working, we have a live, local dispatcher available to help you. Most service is done same day it is reported or within 48 hours if parts or special equipment is needed. Click here to request service.
You have the convenience of card and online payment systems.
You want to get your clothes cleaned on your terms, as much as possible. And that includes having options for payment.  We make it easy for you, whether it’s credit card or smart card. Need to add value to your Laundry Smart Card? Click here to add value.
You shouldn’t have to worry about clothing mishaps or broken machines! Let Coin Meter make your laundry tasks fast, safe, and reliable.

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