The Best High-Tech Laundromat

Phone appCoin Meter gives tips to determine if high-tech laundry machines and features make sense for your property.

A lot of people associate “high-tech” with the most advanced technology, thinking about all the fancy features and gadgets that are constantly being added. In the laundromat world, this could mean smart card payments, mobile phone apps, and use of machine bar-codes with data-analyzation for properties. But don’t get caught up in the hype to get the newest laundry machines without good reason!  Here are some things you can ask yourself determine if these latest machines really make sense to your property:

Will it help my bottom line?

Getting the most efficient use of machines is best way to maximize your profit. Coin Meter takes the time to make sure you have the right machines for your property. We’ll look at the optimal amount turns per machine, what kind of space you have, and many more factors that go into what machines we’ll recommend. And your revenue is always on our mind. If using new “high-tech” machines will help you make more money, that’s when we’ll likely recommend them.

Are they going to make it easier for my residents?

Smart cards and phone apps might seem like it be a huge benefit for your residents, but in reality it could cause some confusion on use and operation – for you too! Coins are still a no-brainer for just about any Joe-Schmoe. And because we’re local, we can regularly assess your property as it changes –  you don’t have to wait 6 months later for a complicated analyzation report to tell you that you should make some adjustments.

Is it the simplest solution?

Simple is usually better. The best technology is what works best… not the one with the most features. Your residents might like playing with the shiny new phone apps at first, for example, but may end up being frustrated if their phone crashes, wi-fi doesn’t work, or they can’t figure out why the machine isn’t responding to the app. Breakdowns are easier to fix on the most simple machines.

The fact is that 60% of the machines in community laundry facilities are still coin-ops because they are usually simpler, easier, and cheaper. Coin Meter can definitely help you get into “high-tech,” but make sure the change is a straightforward win before you make the switch!