Why A Communal Laundry Room Is Superior

doing laundry While recently attending a fundraising event, I introduced myself to the donor sitting next to me, as is customary at these events. Upon discovering that I worked for a company specializing in common use laundry rooms, he excitedly told me about his condominium’s struggle with in-unit laundry and how they were looking into opening a common use laundry room in the basement of their NW Portland building. His struggles are ones we at Coin Meter hear all too often — about the low quality, ineffective, and undersized in-unit washers and dryers, creeping up all over our rental and condo units.

It turns out he is an architect of apartment buildings, so I enthusiastically invited him to reach out if he should need help designing any laundry rooms.  His response was indicative of the industry — he told me that they only build apartments with the unit washers and dryers.  I asked if they are the same machines he was just complaining to me about.  The look on his face said it all! He’s putting the same laundries in new build plans, which currently doesn’t provide for his own needs. 

Coin Meter tells you why communal laundry rooms are usually a superior situation compared to with in-unit laundry machines.

At Coin Meter, we find that communal laundry rooms, where the laundry facilities are shared by the residents, are usually a superior situation when compared to the option of placing individual machines in each unit. This is true for both you AND your residents, and here are the many reasons why:

Gives more space for the resident.

Your residents will have more room inside their unit for their stuff! Instead of creating a closet for the washing machine and dryer, they can allocate the space for a food pantry, linen closet, or other storage. And if you’re building or remodeling, consider creating a mini walk-in closet or even half-bath with that space instead – as it will likely create higher demand for your property!

Full-size machines don’t fit.

There’s usually only room for smaller machines inside individual units. The tiny machines that can easily fit are often inefficient, problematic, don’t work as well. Plus, they can’t wash as much per load, and it creates extra work for your residents.

Communal is better for the environment.

Utilizing one room keeps a more efficient use of resources, including water, electricity, and space. And in order to save themselves time and money, residents are more likely to use the machines more efficiently too!

Creates Less Noise.

Your residents don’t have to worry about extra noise in their own unit, and you don’t have to worry about getting complaints from laundry noise from a neighboring unit either.

Offers Better and Quicker Access

If something goes wrong with a machine in an individual unit, you’d have to rely on the resident to access their space. The community room allows for much quicker response by our service team, and you can keep the machines up and running for all your residents.

Saves You Money!

Coin-op machines are obviously a source of income for your property, and can help your bottom line. Plus, there’s less cost to you overall because fewer machines overall are needed on the property with a communal room.

In most cases, the communal laundry room just makes sense. If you’re confused about what makes sense for your property, please feel free to contact us for a review – Coin Meter is here to help you evaluate what will work best for you.