Coin Meter Has Superior Machine Solutions

superior MachinesCoin Meter prides ourselves on making sure the machines we place are the best fit for your property and residents. And even though there are many new trends and types of machines, 60% of the machines in community laundry facilities are still coin-ops because they are usually simpler, easier, and cheaper. Here are the options for machines at Coin Meter:

Washers: Frontload or Topload

Frontload washers offer increased energy efficiency, and fit in well with your existing rear control equipment. They’re also larger, adding more laundry capacity to your space. However be aware that there are some major differences from the top-loaders that most people are used to, so residents need to be educated on how they should be used.

Topload washers are very simple and easy to use. The model we install has many different choices on your controls, which allows for us to customize them for you. They’re super high quality and tend to last longer without need for service or repair.

Coin Meter Has Several Types Of Superior Machines To Fit Your Laundry Facility.

Dryers: Single or Stacked

Single dryers have a big capacity and large doors, so residents love ‘em!

Stacked dryers also have a good capacity and are additionally great for saving space! We also have stacked double-dryer options, to really maximize your space. And when your community laundry room is extremely limited, there are also options for stacked washer and dryer combinations.

Payment System: Cash, Card, or Wireless

Cash/Coin Machines are by far the simpler solution. They’re less likely to have breakdowns or confusion with your residents.

Card Machines can give your residents extra flexibility of options.

Standard Credit/Debit Cards  With this payment option, your residents pay at the machine with the bank card they already have in their wallet.

Pre-Paid Cards This payment system uses smart cards dedicated to the laundry machines at your location. Residents can allocate how much money they want on the card and use it to start the machines.

Wireless Machines use a web or mobile app service to operate.

Web based service gives users access to an online account center where they can keep an eye on their laundry from the convenience of their residence. They can see machines available, time left in a cycle, and more!

App base payments let users start machines with their cellphones.

If you’re looking at making a change in your equipment, give Coin Meter a call! We’ll listen to your needs and suggestions to give our recommendations for what’s best fit for your space, residents, property — and, your bottom line.