Coin Meter Is The Best Kind Of Ecology

Coin Meter is the best kind of ecologyWe know that our Northwest clients care about the environment because it means we all improve our quality of living together. Here at Coin Meter, we’re proud to say that we make a huge positive impact on our environment that’s much more than just energy-saving equipment.

We’re in your backyard

We’ve provided ‘just down the street’ service for over forty years, and have deep roots in the Northwest. Access to us is easy, and takes you less waste and resources. Local is the best ecology!

Together we boost the local economy

By supporting the community with your local dollars, you’re helping your own business and your customers and residents right here in your neighborhood.

You get efficient use

The number of machines you have on your property, and the way you use the machines, can make a much bigger impact on the environment than type of the machines. We work closely with you to make sure that you have the right number of machines and type of equipment that will work for your facility.

We focus on relationships

We care about your needs, we are here to listen to your problems and suggestions with quicker response. We help you have better relationships with your tenants too, because our attention to solutions makes them feel heard too.

Energy Saving Equipment

We’ve got the right machines too! Although it’s not much different than what you’ll find anywhere else, it’s just one more way that we make a positive impact on the environment.

We encourage you to give Coin Meter a call and together we’ll make a positive impact on the planet by getting you laundry equipment that fits your space and residents.