Equipment Options You Can Count On

Equipment Options You Can Count OnWhether you want to conserve energy or save space on your property, Coin Meter has laundry equipment options of all kinds. You can choose from a variety of models and payment types! Our staff is trained to work with you when you’re choosing your machines to make sure they are the best fit for your property.

Model Options

From energy efficient front loading washers, to space-saving stacked dryers, we have a variety of options for your property. We usually recommend models that are a higher quality that also have a more affordable price. And, in many cases, we can customize the controls for you.

Payment Options

We make payment easy, with machines that are credit card, smart card or coin operated. Cash or coin machines are less likely to have breakdowns or confusion with your residents. However, credit card or prepaid smart cards can give your residents extra flexibility and convenience. We also have web or mobile app service machines available as well.

Efficient Options

Our staff understands how to get the most efficient use of machines. We’ll look at the optimal amount turns per machine, what kind of space you have, and other factors before we sell you a machine. We recommend equipment that will give you the most efficiency and potential profit.

Education Options

We’ll help both you and your residents if you decide to make a change in your equipment. There are some major differences, for example, from the front loaders to the top-loaders that most people are used to. We’re here to educate and help you and your residents understand how to best use the equipment you choose.

If you’re looking at adding or changing your equipment, give Coin Meter a call, and we’ll help you choose from the variety of options you have available for your space and residents.