Cash only payment options

Cash only payment optionsCoin Meter makes payment easy for your residents, with machines that offer a variety of payment options. Cash or coin machines are popular because they are less likely to have breakdowns or confusion with your residents.

In fact, about 60% of the machines in community laundry facilities are still coin-ops because they are usually simpler, easier, and cheaper. However, not everyone wants to carry around coins. We offer a coin free payment system that is ideal for customers who have a hard time finding quarters to do laundry but may not have a debit or credit card.

So, how does the coin-less cash system work?

Revenue is collected at a payment machine instead of a coin box at each machine, which gets transferred onto a laundry card. Then, the resident can use the laundry card to operate the laundry machines.


It’s installed in a secure location.

We’ll Install the payment machine in a secure location, that you can monitor. The machine accepts $5, $10 or $20 denominations to transfer onto laundry card. Once their payment has been accepted, the Laundry Card will eject from the machine, ready for your resident to take and use.

Every dollar is accounted for.

Collection records are kept within the machine. Your residents may also choose to get a paper receipt for the transaction.

Coin Meter provides the payment machines and laundry cards for our facilities that want this option. If you’re looking at adding or changing your payment options, give Coin Meter a call, and we’ll help you choose what works best for your space and residents.