Credit or Debit Only Payment Options

Credit or Debit Only Payment Options

Coin Meter offers a variety of payment options for the ease and convenience of your residents. Credit or Debit machines are becoming increasingly popular, and they reduce the risk of machine vandalism to nearly none.

And, many people don’t like or have the need to carry coins – even parking meters on the street now are largely credit and debit enabled. So, we offer a card payment system for those who prefer to use their debit or credit card.

So, how does the card system work?

Revenue is collected at a payment machine, which gets transferred onto a laundry card. Then, the resident can use the laundry card to operate the laundry machines.


It’s installed in a secure location.

We’ll install the payment machine in a secure location that you can monitor. The machine accepts your debit or credit card, and transfers it onto the laundry card. Once their payment has been accepted, the Laundry Card will eject from the machine, ready for your resident to take and use.

It can be reloaded online.

Residents can transfer more funds to their Laundry Card via “Revalue My Card” section on the Coin Meter Company website. When transfer funds online don’t forget to take the code generated in this process to the transfer station to complete the transaction.

Every dollar is accounted for.

Records are kept within with the date and time of each collected credit to the Laundry Card, but your sensitive card information is never stored. Your residents may also choose to get a paper receipt for the transaction.

Coin Meter can provides the payment machines and laundry cards for our facilities. If you’re looking at adding or changing your payment options, give Coin Meter a call, and we’ll help you choose what works best for your space and residents.