Make it Easy with Credit or Debit Only Payment

debit credit payment optionCoin Meter knows that giving your residents payment options can be a huge advantage. That’s why we also offer an option for residents to pay with Credit or Debit card which directly operates the laundry equipment.

With this option, residents don’t have to worry about carrying an extra card around – and you don’t have to worry about them complaining if they lose or forget it.


So, how does the card system work?

A wireless card reader is installed at each and every machine you have onsite. Now your residents can simply use their credit or debit card right at the laundry machine to start their laundry load!


No need to carry an extra laundry card.

Residents don’t need to keep a separate laundry card, or add value online, in order to do their laundry without cash. They simply use their credit or debit card right at the machine.


It’s the most advanced cashless system.

Systems like the WaveRider from Heartland have brought much needed advancements to the vend laundry industry. It’s now easier and more effective to get your laundry clean.


Coin Meter provides the credit debit payment systems for our clients that want this option. If you’re looking at adding or changing your payment options, give Coin Meter a call, and we’ll help you choose the payment options that make you and your residents happy.