Website Access with WaveVision

The WaveRider system, which allows your residents to use their own debit and credit cards to start loads of laundry, also has the website portal WaveVision, where they can monitor the status of their laundry cycles, all from the convenience of an easy to use website!

So, how do you see what is happening in the laundry room?

Once the laundry room is installed with the WaveRider payment system, residents can visit the site  By simply setting up a profile user can quickly login in for details about their locations laundry rooms.

No need to have a laundry card or hunt for quarters.

All you need to start a load of laundry are the bank cards you already own. Each laundry transaction is captured and settled at the end of day.  No sensitive card information is stored. It doesn’t get much easier.

Your residents are going to love the time-saving features!

The Laundry Vision website also lets your residents monitor their laundry from the convenience of their living room, coffee shop, or wherever they are!

From the website, they can:

  • See which machines are available for use
  • Verify how much time is left for a cycle
  • Get a text message or email when their clothes are finished

Now doing your laundry is so much more convenient.

Systems like the WaveRider from Heartland have brought much needed advancements to the vend laundry industry. It’s easier and more effective to get your laundry clean.

Coin Meter provides the WaveRider system for our clients that want this option. If you’re looking at providing the convenience of the laundry vision web access to your residents, give Coin Meter a call, and we’ll help you choose the payment options that make you and your residents happy.