How To Get The Most Efficient Use from Your Laundry Equipment

At Coin Meter, we pride ourselves in our focus to help you run an efficient laundry room. That means that your residents are satisfied with the experience, while the laundry services you offer also stay profitable. We make recommendations for equipment that will help you provide that blend, whether it is good old reliable coin operated machines or machines with advanced controls and other new technology.

Amount of Machines

The amount of machines you have on your property can make an even bigger impact on efficiency than the type of the machines you have onsite. We work closely with you to make sure that you have the right amount of machines based on the size and needs of your residents.

Proper Use

The way you and your residents are using the machines can also impact the overall efficiency. . We can do onsite visits, for example, to work closely with your residents to make sure that they are using the machines properly, such as proper load size and detergent use. This will prolong the life of your machines and save you hassle and money.

Mobile Access

New advance controls give you and your residents all kinds of new options. Residents can get mobile-access to machine availability or monitor their cycle! And facilities like you can see the full array of machines that are in use, or if one is using more than the average utilities – to forewarn you of potential service or repairs needed. The mobile apps could also aid in getting customer feedback and reviews.

Energy Saving Equipment & Methods

We know both you and your residents want to do laundry in environmentally friendly methods.  appliances you have, but how much soap is used and drying space you allow. Post recommendations so that your customers feel good about helping the earth, and you’ll save money too!

We encourage you to give Coin Meter a call and together we’ll make sure you and your residents get the most efficient use from your laundry equipment.