Three Laundry Tips for New Singles

When people are in a domesticated setting, they almost take for granted how easy it is to do laundry. Maybe they’ve been living with a wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or husband and it’s part of their weekly routines. They’ve been sharing an apartment or a house with a significant other and happen to have a washing machine and dryer in the other room. But then they find themselves single again and that routine becomes disrupted. These very basic things become much more complicated.

Here are three pieces of advice for any new single on things to do that can make life easier when it comes to having an adequate supply of clean clothes.

Don’t cheap out on hampers or hangers.

Just because you can get a laundry basket for a dollar doesn’t mean you should. Ultimately, you get what you pay for. A cheap laundry basket won’t necessarily be built to last and you’ll probably have to replace it anyway. Why bother?

The same applies for hangers. They aren’t typically the kinds of things people think of when gathering household essentials. You’ll obviously want enough of them for the clothes you hang up. Several hangers can be purchased for very cheaply, so there’s no reason not to have as many as you need.

Consider using multiple hampers.

A lot of people end up with piles of clothes on the floor. This is typically because they throw dirty clothes in a hamper and hang their clean clothes back up. But the clothes that could be anywhere in between end up in a random pile, to be sorted at a later time. It may be a good idea to have a second laundry basket for just those clothes. That way, when you’re ready to go laundry, you can go through it, throw dirty clothes in the other hamper and hang up any articles you still feel comfortable wearing without washing.

Don’t go two weeks without doing laundry.

It may be tempting to try and skip a week and just do an extra big load of laundry the next time. However, this approach is not without consequences. The first is a huge pile of dirty laundry and the various messes and odors that can be associated with that. But there’s more. Sure, you can buy more socks to avoid doing a smaller load of whites and give yourself a few more days until doing laundry becomes a critical task. However, what if you only have three pairs of jeans, you skip laundry for a week and then one of them gets dirty or stained? That may limit what you’re able to wear to almost comedic effect. The laundry hamper will become heavier and harder to carry the fuller it gets. Having to do multiple loads can be more time consuming, and you may have to spend the better part of a day doing laundry you should have done the week before.

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