The #1 Reason Why Your Laundry Still Looks Dirty

If your laundry still looks dirty after you’ve put it through the washer and dryer, it probably is! The reason for this is most likely because you overloaded the washer. Overloading your machine won’t allow it to wash your load completely, which will cause you to have to wash the clothes again – or walk around with dirty clothes on. Here’s why overloading doesn’t help save you time or money on your laundry:

Fabrics don’t have room to move.

When the items in your load are clumped together, the fabrics don’t have enough room to move around freely. This means that dirt and stains won’t be able to dissipate.

Detergent isn’t evenly distributed.

Your detergent won’t evenly distribute throughout the load during the wash cycle if your clothes are stuffed in there too tightly together.

Water can’t drain properly.

Your items may get over-soaked from improper draining, leaving them extra wet so you have to use two dryer cycles, or separate the load and run two spin cycles before you dry them – which is hard on your clothes, and your wallet!

There is extra strain on the machines.

You’ll find that the machines sometimes won’t start or spin correctly when overloaded. This could eventually cause them to breakdown, which means there are less available machines for you to use in the laundry facility while being repaired.

It’s rough on your fabric.

The uneven washing that results from overloading can cause weird dirt blotches or detergent residue on your clothing. There could also be white smears or streaks from bleach that didn’t spread properly throughout the wash. And, when you need to rewash, those extra cycles put wear and tear on the fabric.

It may feel like it’s taking you extra time or money to run smaller loads, but in the long run it actually saves you both because you’re not having to repeat cycles. Plus it will increase the lifespan of your fabrics – saving you expenses of replacing them. Besides, you don’t want to be sporting that splotchy shirt around town! Visit us online at at for more tips, service help, and payment options and instructions.