How To Avoid Theft In The Laundry Room

There’s been some recent reports of theft and vandalism in laundry facilities, and often people didn’t realize it was happening right in front of them!  It’s common to simply assume that the thief is a repairman, for example, because they look like they know what they’re doing while they’re removing the cash from the machines, or clothing items right out of the cycle. Be observant and aware of what’s going on at your facility, to watch out for your neighbors in our community. Here are some tips that will help you stay safe and avoid theft:

Our repair team wears uniforms.

The Coin Meter team takes pride our jobs, and we always wear uniforms. If you see someone drilling in a machine and they’re not wearing our Coin Meter gear, they are more likely to be a thief.

Don’t confront them directly.

If you do think that there’s a thief or vandal in the laundry room, don’t approach them – especially if they are in the laundry room alone. Simply visit with your facility’s office personnel, and validate that they belong there.

Notify your facility.

Make sure you notify your facility if you have items stolen, or see something unusual. If you don’t communicate, and this continues with other residents, they may not even realize it’s as big of a problem as it may be. And again, if you see anything strange in the laundry room, it’s always a good idea to report it.

Don’t leave your items for long.

If you leave your laundry load in a machine for more than a few hours, you’re much more likely to have someone steal your stuff. It makes sense to multi-task and do other things while your cycle is running, but don’t leave your items unattended too long!

Take precautions.

If this becomes a pattern at your specific laundry facility, we recommend that your facility considers video surveillance or similar to deter it from happening further. Talk to the appropriate personnel at your facility to see if that’s an option, and at least start a conversation about your concerns. Cashless systems, or closing the laundry room overnight, may be necessary to deter theft and vandalism.

We’re all in this community together, so stay aware and watch out for each other.  If you have a Q feel free to call the Coin Meter office too, and we’ll be happy to give more tips and answer any concerns.