Will Mobile Apps Be Another Laundry Payment Option?

Now that places like Starbucks and big box grocers have been able to accept payments via mobile phone, we’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about the possibility of laundry payment using mobile apps. We are excited about everything that’s happening with this technology, because mobile payment would be extremely convenient for residents, and can potentially give great tracking and insight information available to the facilities that house them.

However, the laundry industry is slightly behind the curve, mainly because its customers are traditionally accustomed to using coin – and have really only recently embraced card payments recently! The good news for you is that we do have both cash and a variety of options for cashless card payment too. Here’s a quick overview of the benefits for payment options we have available for your laundry room, including mobile apps!

Cash or Coin Machines

Coin machines are the simpler solution, and less likely to have breakdowns or confusion with residents.

Credit/Debit Cards Only

Residents don’t always have coin, and often prefer to just carry one bank card with them wherever they go. With this payment option, residents pay right at the machine with the card they already have in their wallet.

Smart Card Machine System

Residents have extra flexibility with our smart laundry card system, which collects payment at a machine with either cash or card. The machine then provides residents with a laundry card that has credit to use at the laundry machines. This system also allows credit to be added to the card through an online portal as well.

Mobile Apps (Coming Soon!)

This emerging trend uses bluetooth technology to allow residents to pay wirelessly from their phone, so they don’t have to carry cash, coin, or card! They simply download an app, add funds to the app, and then use the app to start the machines. Other apps could potentially be connected to your bank to allow direct flow of funds, so that you don’t have to add funds into the app.

At Coin Meter we are testing out different mobile products, and haven’t aligned with one primary provider for Mobile App payments yet. There are some complicated issues to make sure that there is seamless integration with our equipment and/or payment systems, so we’ll keep you updated – but we wanted you to know that we see the advantages and are researching the best options for you! If you have any other questions about our payment options, or need service or repair, visit us online at CoinMeter.com. We have customer service representatives that can help you by phone or email.