7 Items to Keep Out of The Laundry Room

It might seem that you can wash just about anything, but many items will actually prevent your other clothing items from getting clean, or worse will damage the machine – or your clothing – beyond repair. Here’s some of the things you should keep out of laundry room:


Most people think they can throw their shoes – especially their running shoes – in the wash. Don’t do it! Most running shoes will shrink, and they could even damage the interior of the machine. Plus the laces often get caught or wrapped around other clothing that prevents other items from truly getting clean. If you have some white canvas tennis shoes, those are pretty safe, just make sure to take the laces out first.

Coins and Keys

Don’t forget to check your pockets for metal items like coins and keys. They can really scratch up the interior or get caught in the cracks, causing machine damage. And if you accidentally drop an electric car key in the wash, it will likely damage the key permanently.

Rain Coats

The material of rain coats won’t soak up water, since they’re meant to repel water! Rain Coats usually end up causing a huge mess because water gets caught and collected, spilling everywhere when you pull it out.


Almost any size comforter is a bad idea, but especially a king size one. If you think your comforter is too big, it probably is. You’ll likely need an industrial sized machine, which you can find at laundromats or dry-cleaners if you really need to clean it.


Most pillows are too big too! And if you put in a couple of them,it could break the machine. Also check the tags on the pillows to see the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning instead. Memory foam pillows should never be put in the wash as they turn into a big soggy mess.

Ballpoint Pens

Pens are the worst! They creep into your laundry when you’re not looking and then they creep all over your entire pocket in the wash, causing ink stains everywhere!

Too much clothing in general

When you put in too many items, the load gets clumped together,The fabrics don’t have enough room to move around freely, so that dirt and stains don’t dissipate, and your load won’t come out clean.

Again, a quick check through your pockets just might save you a bigger headache to deal with! And remember, bigger is not better in the laundry room. Visit us online at at CoinMeter.com for more tips, service help, and payment options and instructions.