How To Prevent Vandalism and Theft in Your Laundry Room


Vandalism and theft in your laundry facilities can be frightening  for both the staff and your residents or  customers. We know that it’s important for you to keep your laundromat or  community laundry room secure – both for safety reasons and for your costs!Whether it’s the coins they steal or the damage they make to your laundry room  and machines, it’s going to cost you money and hassle, especially if there’s  any down time on the equipment. Coin Meter wants to help you prevent vandalism,so here are some tips and ways for you to safeguard your laundry facility:

Consider cashless payment  systems.

Coin Meter has  several options for you to offer cashless payments. Whether you offer  laundry card, credit card, or app-based payments, a thief will be less likely  to break in if they can’t steal coin. Yes, some perps will break in to steal  clothing items or just to cause damage, but there’s just fewer of these types.

Keep the room secure.

Besides locking the doors at night, make sure you can lock and  secure your windows too. That’s a big vulnerability area in many laundry rooms.Also consider adding security plates to your locks so that people can’t  screwdriver and jimmy it open. Many of our clients have also opted to install  round-the-clock surveillance cameras into their laundry rooms, which can help  deter thieves and vandals, but it can also help identify those who do break in  with the police. Again, posting signs that you have cameras can be very  helpful.

Communicate with your staff and residents.

The Coin Meter staff always wear uniforms, so make sure to tell  your residents or customers that if they see someone drilling in a machine  without a uniform, they should visit with your facility’s office personnel, and  confirm that they indeed belong there. Let them know that they should feel  welcome to report any stolen items, or if they  just see something unusual in general. This will help everyone to be more aware  and alert, so we can watch out for each other.

File a police report.

The police are very busy, and it may seem as if it is beneath  them to address the loss of a few dollars in quarters. You should file a report  anyway.  It’s likely that your facility  is not the only laundry room targeted. As more and more reports come in, the  police can then link the cases together. It takes time… but in the end, it’s  worth it. The best way to end the vandalism is to get the vandals off the job.

If you’ve experienced theft or vandalism in your laundry  facility, talk to Coin Meter about how we can help. We offer cashless payments,extra security on your machines, and other ideas for deterring crime.  We obviously can’t install locks or cameras -it’s your building – but we can offer you help and suggestions for things like  this that we’ve seen work for other clients. Visit us online at  or call us to set up an appointment to talk about how we can partner with you  to prevent theft in your laundry room.