What You Should Expect From A Good Laundry Vendor


When visiting new customers, it’s natural for them to ask about our level of service, and we’ve frequently been surprised when hearing about the unfortunate things they’ve experienced from their previous laundry vendor. This has helped us to talk to our new clients about what they can expect from us – and should really be able to expect from ANY good laundry vendor. Here’s some of those things:

High Quality Machines.

We’re proud to carry Speed Queen because of their long 90 year reputation for quality products with innovative technology. Whether you want to conserve energy or save space on your property, our staff is trained to work with you when you’re choosing your machines to make sure your equipment is perfect for your facility’s needs. We’re also available to be onsite to help educate you and your residents with training for the equipment you choose.

Prompt Service

When your laundry machine is down, Coin Meter has a live local dispatcher available to help you, and we usually get out there to look at it within 24 hours – but no more than 48-72 hours tops if a special part or other rare equipment is needed. We’ve heard nightmare A good vendor will never make you wait up to 2 weeks or more to get a machine serviced!

Reasonable Fees

The fees and revenue share we offer depends on many factors, including the size and service needed at your facility, and we’re very open with you about your options when offering our quotes. Other laundry companies have been known to instill new administrative fees in the middle of a contract – but we here at Coin Meter believe this is unethical. We honor our agreed-upon contract terms for the duration of the contract, period.

High Technology

Coin Meter has a variety of high tech options for your equipment, controls, and payment systems. Even more important, we pride ourselves on making sure the technology we recommend for you is the best fit for your property and residents. And, we have video tutorials and other resources to make sure that you and your residents can quickly learn how to use the technology you’ve got.


We’re easily accessible for in-person meetings because we’re located right here in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you have questions or need training, we love to meet with you. We care about your profitability and can help guide you in things that affect your bottom line, such as equipment, pricing, room layout, and more. We’re available to listen to your needs and suggestions, and respond with ideas and solutions.

If you’re not getting this level of service from your laundry vendor, we encourage you to give us a call to see if Coin Meter is a good fit for your facility. . We’re local and easy to reach for whatever laundry service you need – including payment systems, service calls, and resident concerns. Coin Meter helps your laundry facility stay profitable for you and convenient for your residents.