Why “Local” Means You Don’t Have To Wait


At Coin Meter, we’re proud to say that we’re local to the Pacific Northwest, and right down the street to help you with any issues that might come up – whether you need a repaired machine or need training on new equipment. We find that the most important aspect of this for our loyal customers is that they get fast prompt service that is unmatched in the market. Here’s why being local means you don’t have to wait for the best laundry service either:

Don’t wait for your machines to work!

We’ve been to properties that don’t work with us (yet!) and observed that a third of the machines were out of service – for weeks! That kind of delay never happens with Coin Meter customers. If your machine is breaking down, we have a live, local dispatcher that’s available to assist a property manager or a resident directly by phone or by email. We can often come to your site right away! Any service that needs to be done to a Coin Meter laundry machine is often done the same day it is reported or within 48 hours by factory trained technicians with fully stocked vehicles.

Don’t wait to replace outdated machines!

Coin Meter makes it easier for you rid any problems you have from older equipment, so you can have a smoother-running laundry room right away. If your machines are old and inefficient, we can install our own new machines into your laundry rooms at zero cost to you. We do the work and share the revenue with you per our agreement.

Don’t wait to get paid!

Coin Meter offers the convenience of cash, card, and online payment systems. The variety of payment options means that you can choose the best options for your residents’ preference and your profitability. And if a machine malfunctions during use, we take care of your residents by crediting their account.

Don’t wait to meet with us!

We’re accessible so easy to reach because we’re in your neighborhood, and part of your community. We are available to meet with you face to face, if you want to sit down to discuss any ideas or questions you have. We can help you evaluate which are the right machines for your space and residents and suggest ways to increase your profitability. And your residents can contact us too, for quicker response and less bother for you.

Don’t wait any longer to work with Coin Meter! We’ve been serving the multi-family laundry room industry for over 40 years. As always, our representatives at Coin Meter are close by and able to meet to discuss payment systems, service calls, and resident concerns. If you’re local to the Pacific Northwest – whether you’re a current customer or not – we encourage you give us a call today @ 503.452.4111 or email us @ ! We’d love to come meet with you.