What Your Coin Meter Repair Team Wishes You Knew

I 'll help you dad!

If you’re having any questions or difficulties with your equipment, the Coin Meter repair team is readily accessible because we’re in your neighborhood, and part of your community. Here are a few things that we want you to know that will help make sure your laundry gets done easily and quickly:

We wear uniforms.

The repairmen at Coin Meter team take pride in their jobs, and we always wear uniforms. This gives you a sense of trust and security to know that when we’re working on a machine, we’ll be wearing our Coin Meter gear.

We’re easy to reach!

If your machine is breaking down, we have a live, local dispatcher that’s available to assist a property manager or a resident directly by phone or by email. Any service that needs to be done to a Coin Meter laundry machine is often done the same day it is reported or within 48 hours if need special parts or unusual repairs.

You can probably fix a jammed coin.

If there’s a coin jammed into our Coin Meter machine, you might be able to retrieve it yourself by using tweezers to reach into the coin slot. If you can’t see it to grasp it, it may help to put another coin in the slot to dislodge the previous coin. Also make sure the coins are inserted properly; upright and not at a slant.

Don’t overload the machine with clothing.

Many problems with the machines come down to putting in too big of a load. The equipment won’t start or spin correctly if the machine is overloaded. Try lightening the amount of items in the machine, and restart.

Very wet clothes in a washer.

Unfortunately, from time to time laundry machines have issues. Fixing them is what Coin Meter does. When you have a very wet load of clothes coming out of a washer that didn’t spin out correctly, it may seem like the best option is to put them in the dryer. To save yourself some time, put them back in a different washer, and run a cycle. It seems counterintuitive, but this will save you time and money. A new wash cycle takes 30-40 minutes. Getting an excessively wet load of clothes dry could take 4 or 5 dryer cycles. Report the issue when it happens, and we will make thing right at the time of repair.

Just press start!

If there’s an “error” reading on the machine with your credit card or smart laundry card, it’s often due to dust on your card, or removing the card too soon. Before you call a Coin Meter repairman, take the time to wipe your card with a clean cloth, check the balance on your card, and make sure you’re not removing it too soon. Then take a deep breath and press start. We’re local and easy to reach for whatever laundry service you need – including payment systems, service calls, and resident concerns. Call us or find more laundry tips and equipment instructions at CoinMeter.com.