How Your Laundry Room Can Help Increase Resident Retention


As a property manager, you know that keeping a resident is easier than getting a new one – as long as they’re happy! If they’re using the laundry room in your facilities, it’s an indication that they are satisfied with that basic aspect of their housing – and sometimes the basics are actually the most important to them. But not only that…. your laundry facilities can actually do some of the heavy lifting to help with retention of the overall facility! Here are some ways to use the laundry room to increase your retention:

Celebrate Them!

Celebrate new residents by sending some sort of welcome packet or gift. It’ll make them feel a welcome part of the community. It could include a free first time laundry use card, or washing detergent with a list of laundry washing tips and tricks. This encourages them to try out the laundry facility, while kicking off a great start to a new resident relationship.

Keep It Alluring

Make it a fun easy place to live an get their laundry done. Think about ways that you can make them want to hang out there. That might mean easy access to caffeine with a latte machine, a basket of umbrellas in case they get caught in a rainstorm, and tables where they can get work done on their laptops. Whether they’re students or young professionals, one thing you you gotta have is a good internet connection- so make sure you’ve got solid Wi-Fi!

Communicate Regularly

It’s important to keep residents informed and updated with what’s going on at your facility so that they’re never caught wondering. Make it easy for them to get updates while they’re doing their laundry by posting updates or announcements in the room. And if you send out a newsletter, include a small blurb with laundry tips – such as how to get out stains, how you got a new extra-large dryer which dries their bedsheets faster, etc. And if you’re on social media, do a post every so often with laundry tips or other similar updates.

Welcome Feedback

People love to give their opinion. Create a form on your website or have comment cards available at the office or welcome/lobby area. And make sure you’re actually implementing some of the suggestions – especially if they make sense or are common suggestions. If many residents think the dryers are outdated, but you’re not replacing at least one or two, they’ll stop giving their input and it defeats the whole purpose!

Provide Extras

Residents love it when they feel like they’re getting something extra. Maybe that means one day a week you offer laundry folding, or pet sitting or grooming, or . You could also provide books and current magazines to read, movie screen projection, or even a foosball or ping-pong table. 

Host Events

Fun events bring residents together and creates a sense of community. You could organize tutorials like how to use the laundry machines, create scavenger hunts that help them get to know the facility inside and out, or host dessert night with warm brownies and ice cream. They’ll be much more likely to renew their lease when they have friends and allies where in the building where they live.

Keep It Clean & Safe

At the most basic level, your residents won’t feel comfortable if they don’t feel safe. Do what’s necessary to clean regularly and deter theft and vandalism. That might mean you have to invest in extra cleaning staff, video surveillance or cashless payment systems to ensure that they are not at risk and don’t want to do their laundry elsewhere!

Contact us if you need more ideas, we love to help you with ways to make your laundry facility run smoothly. And don’t forget that Coin Meter is located right here in the Pacific Northwest, so our representatives are close by and able to discuss payment systems, service calls, and other resident concerns. Give us a call today to schedule a meeting!