What Your Residents Expect from a Laundry Facility


Residents come to expect a certain standard from the laundry facilities in their apartment complexes or dorm rooms. While property managers and building owners may only see these facilities as an extra perk, families and individuals see them as a necessary amenity. Most Residents will be making use of the laundry rooms at least once per week, if not more. It can behoove owners to view these facilities in the same light as their Residents. In order to keep everyone satisfied, it’s important to ensure that these facilities continually meet a certain standard. Here is what your residents expect from a laundry facility.


Nobody enjoys doing laundry in a dirty room. It’s frustrating to have freshly cleaned clothes near dusty equipment and dirty floors. When a laundry facility is unkempt, the symptoms are obvious. Dust begins to gather around the machines, rust eats away at aging parts, and debris litters the floors. To meet the expectation of having a clean and accessible laundry facility, you need to have it cleaned at least a few times per week. This frequency will depend on how often the facility is used.

24-Hour Operation

Whether you’re offering a laundry facility at a dorm, assisted living facility, or apartment complex, your Residents will be expecting round-the-clock operation. Each resident will be operating on their own schedule balancing work and their personal lives. Residents want the convenience of being able to get their laundry done at any hour of the day or night. It’s a relatively easy convenience to offer. As long as the machines are intact, all you have to do is keep the doors open and the lights on.

Advanced Payment Methods

Gone are the days when change was the only way to pay for laundry machines. Now, you can outfit a laundry facility with a wide variety of payment options. There are the standard debit and credit card systems that a majority of residents should be familiar with using. You can get even fancier with smart card options that allow Residents to place any amount on a card that will act as their ticket to use any washer or dryer in the facility. If you want to get super technical, there are some app-based payment systems that would allow your residents to start laundry from their phone. While you don’t have to include all of these in your laundry facility, residents will be expecting to have some more advanced forms of payment for pure convenience.

Coin-Operated Machines

Although Residents are going to be expecting some alternative payment methods here in the 21st century, there’s still going to be a desire for coin-operated washers and dryers. It’s one staple of the laundromat and laundry facility that hasn’t died out quite yet. People are more likely to carry around credit cards and their smartphones, but it’s always nice to be able to get rid of those drawers full of loose change when doing the laundry. You might even have some older residents who prefer the simpler method of using hard cash. Take some time to know your options and figure out what will work best for your property.  It isn’t one size fits all in the vended laundry.

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