Common Complaints In The College Laundry Room And How To Solve Them


Unlike homework, laundry is one of those tasks that are kinda brainless… but if you don’t keep up, it’ll start piling up – literally and figuratively! And we’ve seen some similar issues that come up again and again from college students doing laundry – many for the first time! Here’s the most common beefs that come up, and our suggested way to solve ‘em:

No time and need to study?

You’ve gotta create a system for yourself and put it into your schedule on a weekly basis. Multi-task homework during the cycles by tracking your laundry cycles with a timer on your phone! Besides, it’s not cool to leave laundry in a machine for too long – someone down the hall might be waiting for it – or, even worse, they’ll just take out your stuff and leave it on the ground or who knows where for it to get dirty all over again.

Keep losing socks?

Yeah, those machines have sock monsters that love to eat them for snacks. The best way to keep them from getting eaten or lost is to use those lingerie or mesh laundry bags. The bags will keep your socks and other smaller items together and away from those hungry monsters. It’ll help a ton when you’re folding and putting away your laundry too.

Itchy Skin?

You probably picked a detergent with dyes, preservatives, or perfume. Not only can these ingredients irritate your skin, they can trigger asthma or headaches. And we really don’t recommend that you pick a pod detergent! They may seem convenient, but they’re really terrible for the washer and usually for your skin too. Look for detergents that are both eco-friendly and non-allergenic, and aim for using a very small amount with each wash – which is better for your clothing, the environment, and your skin.

Wrinkly Tees?

This, my friend, is the primary reason you need to fold your clothes right after they come out of the dryer. It might SEEM like a waste of time, why can’t you just throw ‘em in the basket and get onto that dorm room gathering down the hall, right? Because you don’t want to look like a mess, that’s why! But if you do forget, you can throw an ice cube into the dryer with your wrinkly clothes, and that will help – marginally. But you don’t want to do that with every item, so get in the habit of folding them right out of the dryer.

Complicated Machines?

We see you, you’re waiting until those weekend visits home to do your laundry aren’t you? Trust us, they’ll become fewer and further between, and there’s only so long you can go without getting a freshly washed shirt. If this is your first rodeo with the clothing cleaning machines, don’t fret. You made it to college – they’re not that complicated – so just learn the laundry basics first like you do anything else. Then you just gotta jump in and learn the machines by practicing. Some of them will allow you to shorten cycles or change temperature, all which are more advanced methods that you’ll pick up easily once you start actually doing the laundry on campus.

This should help you the next time you have any whines about washing your wearables! And if your dorm uses Coin Meter machines, we’re right here in the Pacific Northwest, and close by and available to help you with your equipment or other laundry trips! Give our representatives at Coin Meter a call to meet or chat on the phone about any concerns.