Teach Your Kids How to Do Laundry During This Downtime

Family doing laundry together at home-cm

Families around the country have found themselves spending more time at home together. While this newfound togetherness comes with obvious advantages, the increased downtime undoubtedly leaves you and your family with copious amounts of free time without any clear way to fill it. Since your kids are spending more time at home, it’s a great opportunity to initiate them into the ol’ family tradition of doing laundry. While this suggestion might be met with eye-rolls and crossed arms from your little ones, it doesn’t have to be a chore. You can mix things up a little to turn it into a fun activity that children of all ages can help with. Read on for a few activities you can use to teach your kids about laundry while sneaking in some quality family time!

Getting all the laundry together

One of the keys to transforming laundry from a boring chore into a family-oriented activity is to find something for children of all ages. Even youngsters who would have a hard time understanding the finer details of the timeless laundry process can enjoy running from room to room collecting all of the clothes that need to be washed. If you really want to generate your kids’ interest, you could make it a challenge by timing how long it takes each to grab their laundry. Just like raking leaves or shoveling snow, you could even let your kids jump into the pile of clothes for an extra bit of fun.

Sorting the clothes into groups

Children who are a little bit older should be taught the importance of separating laundry into certain groups based on their fabrics, colors, or overall sensitivity to certain washing cycles. You can talk about all of the different guidelines that should be followed when deciding which clothes to combine and which to separate, like whites vs colors or delicates vs casuals. You can set out separate baskets and have your children place each piece of laundry in the correct group like a puzzle. Explain each mistake and be sure to have a prize on deck to reward the winner.

Choosing the right temperature

Next, go through the different temperature settings on your washing machine and explain which types of loads should be washed on each one. You can base the depth of your explanation on the age of your kids. Once you’re done explaining and your children seem to have a good grasp on each temperature option, give them a little quiz. Ask them to assign each group of clothes they sorted to a particular temperature setting – cold, warm, or hot. Again, make sure you explain if there was a wrong guess. Again, you can always sweeten the pot by adding a reward for correct answers.

Explaining the different cycles

Temperature is just one part of the laundry equation. There is also a load (pardon the pun) of different cycles from which to choose when starting your laundry. For younger kids, you can pick a few of the more commonly used settings to avoid over-complicating it. Normal, delicate, heavy-duty, and permanent press cycles are some of the basic settings that all washing machines have, although your model might have slightly different names for these. While most of your family’s laundry will fall into the “normal setting” be sure to offer some examples of loads that would fall into the other categories. 

Folding laundry

Children of all ages can help out with the most labor-demanding portion of doing laundry: folding. It’s arguably the least fun part of the laundry process, but you can spice it up in a few ways. You can hold the first-ever Laundry Games by giving each member of the family the same amount of laundry and see who’s quickest at folding. Don’t forget to take form into consideration. If that’s too involved, putting on a movie or a favorite TV show during the folding process can also make it more enjoyable for everyone. Of course, talking is always an option too!

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