Why Working With a Local Vendor is More Important Than Ever


Finding the right provider is imperative for property owners who want to keep common area laundry rooms profitable and serviceable. These facilities only represent one slice of a much larger pie of responsibilities that owners of multifamily properties or campus housing must handle. Working with an ideal provider can help alleviate some pressures in this area of your business. While larger, national providers have the appeal of familiarity and popularity, recent economic changes have stressed the importance of proximity. Let’s take a look at some reasons why working with a local vendor is more important than ever.

Direct supply chains

Recent economic tremors resulting from state-wide lockdowns have cast light on the importance of having reliable supply chains. In general, there tends to be a positive correlation between the size of a service provider and the length of its supply chain. In other words, there’s more potential for hiccups, delays, and other inconveniences – something many businesses have experienced recently. Working with a local laundry service provider ensures shorter and more direct supply chains, greatly mitigating the negative repercussions of possible disruptions. Local providers have greater agility and flexibility to respond to these problems since everything you need is within a manageable radius.

Innovative equipment and products

While established companies might get through by resting on their laurels, local vendors are always looking for the next best thing to consistently improve their offerings to local business owners like you. Instead of doling out the most cost-effective items, local service providers continuously strive to offer innovative equipment and products. From state-of-the-art washers and dryers to dynamic payment methods, these tools keep your residents happy, further automate your common-area laundry facilities, and limit the amount of servicing required to keep them running – which brings us to our next point.

Lighting-fast servicing

Unfortunately, many campus housing or multi-family property owners view their laundry facilities as a vital and necessary amenity in their community. When working with local laundry vendors, not only are you getting equipment that will malfunction less often, but you’re also securing quicker servicing times. With dispatches all-around your local area, these service providers can make repairs and replacements faster and more efficient than national vendors. With same-day or next-day servicing, you can rest assured that your laundry facilities run smoothly and more autonomously.

Supporting your community

There’s a certain level of respect business owners gain from residents when working with local vendors. Instead of pumping money that originated in your local area out to a national company, you’re helping to support your community and its economy when working with a local laundry vendor. One survey found that the recent economic situation has actually driven people to be more loyal and supportive of businesses in their community. As a result, property owners that use local vendors for their services and equipment will be seen in a more positive light.

Understanding and personalization

Local vendors have the ability to cater their services to your specific needs – something that larger companies struggle to deliver. While a one-size-fits-all approach might seem appealing in its simplicity, these approaches aren’t flexible enough to deal with unique challenges and changes that property owners face. The current economic situation has stressed the importance of having vendors that understand your unique circumstances and are willing to cater services to best deliver on your needs. Local service providers have their fingers on the pulse of community needs and will be better equipped to deal with you on a personal basis.

If you’re the owner of multi-family properties or campus housing, you know how difficult it can be to manage a public laundry facility alongside other aspects of your business. Working with a leading local vendor is a great way to simplify and profit from this area of your business. You’re encouraged to head over to the Coin Meter Company site to get in touch with a local service provider with over 40 years of experience serving business owners throughout Oregon and Washington. You’ll find helpful strategies for making your laundry facility easier to manage and more profitable.