Tips for Maintaining Social Distance While Doing Laundry

Young woman having a laundry day-cm

Social distancing guidelines are changing the way businesses run across the country. With standard operations putting people closer than the recommended distance of 6-feet, business owners are having to come up with new strategies to make things safer for customers.

Those who rely on public laundry facilities might be wondering what they can personally do to stay safe in such confined spaces. To help you keep your clothes smelling fresh and germs at bay, here are some tips for maintaining social distance while doing laundry.

Leave while your machines are running

One of the most appealing features of laundromats is the autonomous nature of the service. You really only have to spend as much time in the facility as it takes you to load, change, and unload your laundry. This convenience factor also bodes well for those looking to maximize their social distancing. Since 95% of the time you’re at the laundromat is spent waiting around, you can easily avoid crowds by sitting in your vehicle, going for a walk around the block, or sitting in a nearby park instead of staying inside. The only thing is to return promptly when laundry is done so others can use the machines.

Go during off-peak hours to avoid the crowds

It’s significantly easier to adhere to social distancing guidelines when laundromats aren’t busy. In some cases, it might be nearly impossible to stay a safe distance from fellow patrons during busy times – especially in smaller facilities. Aiming to get your laundry done in the off-peak hours makes it easier to physically distance and cuts down on wait time if fewer machines are taken.

Adhere to social distancing guidelines

While this is admittedly a no-brainer, the importance of adhering to specific social distancing guidelines can’t be overstated. Every apartment communnity will have their own strategies in place to keep residents and employees safe. This could include limiting the number of people inside the facility, placing floor markers six feet apart, or rearranging indoor seating. No matter what steps your local laundry room takes to help maintain social distancing, it’s important that all patrons cooperate to keep everyone safe.

Choose your machines strategically

It might seem trivial, but the machines you use can have an impact on your ability to maintain a safe distance from fellow patrons. If you end up choosing a washing machine or dryer near the entrance, you’ll have people passing by every time they enter or leave. You’ll have a similar issue when using a machine in a small aisle since staying away from other people is difficult in these tight quarters. If possible, choosing a machine in the back corner of a laundromat can limit the number of people coming by. You can always take a moment to scout out the traffic in your local laundromat to identify the ideal spot before stepping in.

Head to a less busy rooms

The most conveniently-located laundry rooms tend to be the busiest. While this is a major plus for convenience, relying on these facilities currently could mean fighting through crowds of people just to get a load of laundry done. Since social distancing would be much easier to achieve at a less-crowded laundry room, now might be a good time to explore other room in your apartment community.

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