How to Make Your Residents Feel Safer Doing Laundry

New hygiene regulations while using a public laundry service during global Covid-19 pandemic-cm

If you’re the owner of a multi-family property, you understand what residents expect of you when it comes to ensuring their health. These responsibilities have been emphasized during this outbreak as people look towards businesses, landlords, and property owners to ensure that public spaces are safe. Although your laundry facility isn’t the center of your business, it is a shared space that provides residents with an essential service. To help keep things running smoothly, here are some tips to help make your residents feel safer when doing laundry.

Ask residents to follow health guidelines

Leading health organizations – such as the CDC and WHO – have clearly outlined health recommendations designed to keep people safe. As the owner of a laundry facility, you can help keep all of your residents healthier by requesting that everyone follows these guidelines. Printing out small posters with reminders and advice is a great way to encourage cooperation and adherence to these protocols when using the laundry room. Here are some things you could include:

  • Maintaining 6-feet of distance when possible
  • Touching eyes, mouth, and nose as little as possible
  • Wearing a facemask when in the laundry room
  • Sneezing or coughing into the elbow
  • Washing hands or using hand sanitizer regularly

Remove unnecessary items

Your residents aren’t going to feel safe having to share a confined area with several other people. To help maximize the amount of space in your laundry facility, you should remove any unnecessary items, such as vending machines, cabinet units, tables, or even seats that are taking up a significant amount of room. The advantage of having more space to move about and keep distance from fellow residents will override the inconvenience resulting from the removal of these items. With this extra space, you could even rearrange the washers and dryers to better facilitate social distancing.

Limit the number of people

Space isn’t something many laundry facilities have in excess. This makes physical distancing an especially difficult policy to accommodate. If reorganizing washers and dryers, removing some unnecessary items, and shuffling around seating arrangements doesn’t suffice, you might consider limiting the number of people in the laundry room at one time. This exact number will depend on the size and layout of your facility. Keep the social distancing guideline of 6 feet in mind when deciding how many people should be allowed in at once. You can inform your residents by email, mail, and by placing a notice near the entrance to the laundry room.

Provide public hand sanitizer

It’s difficult to clean a load of laundry without coming into contact with buttons, dials, knobs, and other commonly touched surfaces. With the ability to help prevent the spread of harmful germs, providing hand sanitizer is a great way to give residents some peace of mind. While hand-pump hand sanitizer would do the trick, you could install touchless dispensers to further put residents at ease. The CDC recommends using hand sanitizer that’s comprised of at least 60% alcohol. You shouldn’t have trouble finding alcohol-based solutions from major supermarkets or online retailers. Don’t forget to buy in bulk for a discount.

Clean frequently

Another effective way to make your residents feel safer is to clean frequently, sanitize the laundry facility consistently. Even with all of the social distancing measures and health guidelines in place, harmful germs can still spread. Routinely disinfecting commonly touched surfaces is one of the best lines of defense to prevent this from happening. Don’t be shy about letting your residents know about this routine cleaning as they’ll be more than happy to hear about the extra steps you’re taking to keep them safe.

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