What Your Residents Want to See During These Uncertain Times

Row of industrial laundry machines in laundromat in a public laundromat, with laundry in a basket-cm

If you own an apartment complex or dorm room with a public laundry facility, you’re probably used to this part of your business running somewhat autonomously. As long the machines run efficiently, all you have to worry about is keeping the lights on and cleaning every once in a while.

However, the recent impact of the virus has developed new needs and expectations form your residents. Getting ahead of these expectations early can make it easier to focus on more pressing and time-consuming areas of your business. Let’s take a look at what your residents want to see during these uncertain times.

A sense of direction

One of the most fundamental but easily overlooked expectations that residents will have of you is direction. While taking action is paramount, acknowledging the changes you’re making and outlining your response will give residents confidence that you’re handling the situation appropriately. If you own a laundry facility in a smaller apartment complex, a personal email or letter is a good way to establish this trust and rapport. However, owners of larger facilities such as those in dorm rooms might find it more appropriate to leave a notice in the laundry facility itself to inform residents as they enter.

Uninterrupted services

Throughout this pandemic, laundry facilities have been accurately categorized as an “essential service”, exempting them from shutdown protocols that affected the vast majority of industries. Similarly, laundry rooms that are part of an apartment complex, dorm room, or another form of accommodation will be expected to offer uninterrupted services. Your residents not only need clean clothes, but they’ve also entered into a rental contract with the assumption that access to the laundry facilities would remain unimpeded. With this expectation in mind, owners should do everything in their power to offer uninterrupted services while keeping everyone safe.


In the past, residents might have been fine putting up with tight laundry facilities that emphasized efficiency over spaciousness. Given the manner in which this virus spreads, however, all businesses are now expected to create more room to limit contact between customers. While most owners don’t have sufficient funds to increase the size of their laundry rooms, other strategic changes will need to be made. Here are a few social distancing measures you can take to increase space and ensure the safety of your residents:

  • Limiting the number of residents in the laundry room at one time.
  • Spreading out the available seating.
  • Placing floor markers to indicate six-feet of space.

Improved sanitization

Before all of this, cleaning your laundry facility was more about maintaining an appearance rather than promoting public health. While vacuuming and dusting work wonders for the eyes, these cleaning methods don’t do much in the way of preventing the spread of germs. With the consistent use that your laundry room receives, residents will expect it to be sufficiently sanitized. This means hitting commonly-touched surfaces such as doorknobs, payment centers, and all of the buttons on your washers and dryers. You’ll need to use cleaning solutions that are capable of killing germs, so we recommend investing in EPA-approved disinfectants that have been shown to be effective against the spread of the virus.

More routine cleanings

In addition to improved sanitation, residents will also be expecting more routine cleanings. Instead of designating one day of the week for cleaning, owners will need to start doing this on a daily basis. Performing a thorough once-over in the morning or evening is an effective way to keep your laundry facility clean and, as a result, safer for residents. If you’re not sure where to begin, the CDC has some helpful guidelines for cleaning public spaces sufficiently. It’s important to keep in mind that the regularity of cleanings is just as important as the methods and cleaning solutions you use.

If you’re eager to learn about more ways you can keep your residents safe and happy during these uncertain times, head over to the Coin Meter Company website to get in touch with a prominent leader in the industry. You’ll find tips to help ensure your laundry facilities are meeting the expectations of your clients while still delivering a return on your investment.