’Coin’ is a 4-Letter Word

coin in the slotIf you are reading this article, there is a good chance that you either manage or own apartment complexes with central laundry rooms. Perhaps you’re considering changing from coin operated to an electronic payment option, or interested in providing a better laundry experience for your residents.

When it comes to vended laundry services, the word ”coin” is quickly becoming a 4-letter word. Staying competitive, Coin Meter has embraced modern technology and innovation, replacing 1000’s of our clients’ outdated, coin-operated washers and dryers with new, energy efficient, electronic payment machines. With today’s technology,  there are more modern payment options than ever before. Your residents want electronic payment options that suit their busy lifestyles. At Coin Meter, we have converted over 40% of our multi-housing management clients to our electronic payment solutions to fill that very need.

Electronic payment laundry solutions are not only efficient for property owners or managers but, with just a swipe of a card, your residents will be able to wash their laundry with ease, not having to search under the couch cushions or in their pockets for dozens of coins.

Here are just a few reasons why ‘coin’ doesn’t have to be a 4-letter word in your central laundry room:
  • Too many quarters. Let’s face it. One load of laundry will typically cost your residents about 12 quarters. Coin Meter’s electronic payment options offer a quick and easy ‘coinless’ solution for your residents.  Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • The coin hunt is over. Banks and retail stores are becoming less willing to sell quarters to consumers.                       With Coin Meter’s cashless payment options, your residents can add up to $40 credit at a time to their laundry cards with  a quick, online payment.
  • Less complaints, service calls & vandalism. Outdated coin machines often require increased maintenance costs, as well as experiencing machine jamming or vandalism. Coin Meter’s state-of-the-art electronic card machines provide a safe, secure and low-maintenance laundry system for you and your residents. 
  • Little investment. Electronic card systems are an excellent way to offer state-of-the-art, high tech amenities for your residents with little upfront capital investment to your company.
  • Training is vital. We provide the training and education that your on-site team and residents need to make a seamless transition to the newest, most energy-efficient machines and electronic payment systems.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. We have spent countless hours interviewing residents, managers and owners like yourself. We’ve done our research. Managers and residents want a quicker, more efficient laundry solution, along with a better overall experience in their common laundry rooms. Coin Meter is committed to helping you provide complete resident satisfaction by providing your organization state-of-the-art technology for your on-site laundry services.

At Coin Meter, we offer the latest technology and years of hands-on experience for hassle-free, central laundry rooms. Opened in 1972, Coin Meter is the largest, locally owned company in the Northwest, serving the common laundry room needs of the Multi-Housing Industry.  Give Coin Meter a call today.