Attention Apartment Management Professionals: Your Residents will Love the Payment Options of Coin Meter!

mobile laundry paymentsAre you considering updating your apartment’s laundry equipment payment options as an added convenience for your residents? With today’s technology, the latest laundry payment options are as unique as your residents are!

There’s no longer a need for coins. Your residents will love the coinless ease and convenience of your upgraded laundry payment options, along with receiving alerts when a machine becomes available and when their laundry is done. You will enjoy the benefits of reduced coin handling, convenience of cashless operations, reduced theft, and increased revenue.

Now that we have your attention, below are the latest laundry equipment payment options that Coin Meter offers:

Smart Card, aka “Laundry Card” With our dedicated laundry payment card, your residents are provided a laundry card, which they can ‘add value’ to as needed. This is purchased either at the Add-Value Station located onsite at the community, or purchased online when a code-based revalue option is available, using their debit or credit card. Once value has been added to their laundry card, they simply insert the laundry card into the machines and follow the instructions to do laundry.

Debit & Credit “Pay at the Machine” One of the more popular laundry payment systems is ‘pay at the machine’… allowing your residents to directly insert their debit, credit or prepaid card into the laundry machines. Completely automated and connected to the internet, this payment technology gives your residents the ultimate in convenience.

“Mobile” payments. New to the laundry payment game is mobile technology. This new payment solution enables your residents to pay, at the washers and dryers, using their smart phones. The users download an app on their cell phone and fund the account via debit or credit card.  In addition, some systems notify your residents via SMS text message or email when machines are available and when their wash cycle is done.

Convenience and ease of use are priorities for your residents. Coins operated machines are becoming less popular. As payment technology continues to improve, residents expect their daily activities, such as purchasing groceries, gas or doing their laundry, to keep up with technology. Coin Meter can help you meet those increasing  payment expectations, while offering your organization time and money-saving benefits as well. Since residents manage their own payment options, utilizing either their debit or credit card, or mobile device, it eliminates the time consuming process and burden of maintenance for your management staff.

At Coin Meter, one payment system does NOT fit all. Contact Jared at Coin Meter today to determine which laundry payment system meets the needs for you and your residents.