Coin Meter. Nothing like old laundry rooms of yesterday.

laundry kung fuPrior to 2007, the Multi-Family housing industry saw an alarming number of communities adding washers and dryers to all their units. While understandable in a competitive market, it is questionable whether this was, overall, the most effective move for the landlords? The significant capital investment costs, sacrifice of valuable square footage, and skyrocketing costs of utilities, including water and electric waste, along with maintenance ten-fold of the machines, it makes one wonder if it is as lucrative as expected.

Let’s face it. Technology has made our lives much easier. So, when it comes to updating your multi-housing laundry equipment with coin-free machines… well, it’s just a smart choice. Today, residents are looking for more amenities, including laundry monitoring and a cashless payment system that can save them time and provide convenience. Owners and on-site managers also want energy-efficient equipment that will lower their utility and water costs, reduce time maintaining equipment and handling complaints, provide a secure cashless system and reduce theft and vandalism, and above all, increase overall profits.

Make your laundry room into an amenity:
    • Make it a clean, safe and bright space.
    • Outfit it with new, reliable machines.
  • Ability for residents to monitor available machines via internet / mobile devices.
Residents will benefit by:
    • Checking washer/dryer availability online 24 hours a day. No more waiting.
    • Access to multiple machines at once, allowing for doing laundry quicker.
    • Doing laundry using clean, ecofriendly ‘green’ equipment.
    • Coin Meter machines wash better, and are more energy efficient.
    • Making payments via credit or debit card, or laundry smart card.
    • Receiving laundry status updates via text or email when clothes are done.
    • Communicating problems via smart phone that need immediate attention.
    • Limiting hassles or inconveniences. Less down time, quicker repair turnaround.
  • Bottom line … no more searching for coins, wasting time making trips to laundry room to check machine availability, experiencing problems and delays with old equipment, and risking loss of clothes sitting in laundry room for hours.
Multi-housing owners and operators will benefit by:
    • Providing a dependable, safe and comfortable ‘green’ facility for residents.
    • Working with Coin Meter to develop a custom laundry facility to meet your bottom line and the needs of your residents.
    • Reliable revenue source, not associated with ‘hot issues’ of rent increases.
    • Training on-site for residents and owners/management.
    • Easier to increase revenues, by implementing small, more frequent price increases, with a card payment system.
    • Having a competitive edge, within the local multi-housing community, providing amenities potential residents are searching for.
    • Reducing theft and vandalism with a cashless system.
    • Reducing down time and repairs. Coin Meter makes every effort to respond the day we’re notified, and will respond within 48 hours for servicing.
    • Eliminating hassles of coin-operated machines and coin-dispensing equipment.
    • Accessing remote monitoring systems and on-demand communications.
    • Quickly communicating online with residents and Coin Meter regarding problems and services that need immediate attention.
  • Bottom line … by implementing a coinless laundry system,  as a multi-housing owner, you can meet the growing needs of their residents by providing advanced laundry equipment, while you streamline your facility to a cashless system,  and profit from reduced utility costs, maintenance issues, theft and vandalism.

In recent years, we have seen numerous properties remove single unit machines, partnering with Coin Meter to provide a satisfying common laundry room experience.

Give Jared at Coin Meter a call today. Locally owned and operated, Coin Meter will work with you every step of the way to develop a high-efficiency laundry system to best meet your needs and those of your residents.