Coin Meter takes the pain out of running an on-site laundry facility.

laundry inspectorAn on-site common laundry facility can be a worthwhile amenity, especially if it’s low-maintenance and easy-to-run.  Coin Meter can help ease your pain of maintaining tired, overused machines, replacing them with our new, energy-efficient laundry machines. Turn your laundry facility into a part of your community everyone can be proud of.

Our Promise to You.

We install the equipment, handle the maintenance, and collect the payments for you. No longer do you have to collect coins, and deal with maintenance issues. Coin Meter will do it all.

Timely service and repair by our factory trained technicians. Along with a fully-equipped Coin Meter vehicles, our technicians strive to service most machine issues within the same day reported, no more than 48 hours.

Quality Coin-less machines are easier to maintain. As technology enters the laundry room, Coin Meter offers a variety of laundry payment options, making it easier for you to maintain, and offering more convenient payment options for your residents.

Generate more revenue. Coin Meter helps find the best solution for making your laundry facility more profitable. By offering credit and debit payments, residents enjoy the convenience of staying on-site, and likely do laundry more regularly. In addition, by offering card payment solutions, you can also slowly increase laundry fees to help cover the costs for water and electricity in the laundry room.

Provide a clean and safe environment. By installing new, coin-less equipment, there is often a significant decrease in vandalism. Remove the coins, remove the vandalism.

A trusted and reliable partner. Locally owned and operated since 1972, Coin Meter has been partnering closely with multi-unit owners and managers as they transition towards efficient, coinless laundry equipment.  We will work with you continually, throughout our relationship, to assure running your laundry room is as seamless and as ‘maintenance-free’ as possible, and is an asset to your bottom line.

Coin Meter is the solution. Don’t you deserve a laundry equipment provider that is prompt, reliable, and is respectful of your resident’s needs? Give Jared at Coin Meter a call today. 503-236-4111