What it really means to you that Coin Meter is a “Local Business”

A lot of companies throw around the term “Local Business” and assume their customers prefer local, without really understanding what that means. At Coin Meter, we want our customers to know how being local truly makes a difference for you and your tenants.

  1. More money goes back into your pocket.

When you are working with us – and other local businesses – you are helping the local economy, which includes you! The people that own and work for businesses in your community are making more cash, which creates a more prosperous community with more dollars available to spend locally. As Coin Meter gets more customers, we hire more people, and there’s more people here in the community that can spend money with you.

2. You can hug us!

Okay, so you might not want to hug us…. it’s okay, we’re not offended! The point is that you have local access to our people, so you can look us in the eye and tell us your troubles. Or your praises (bring ‘em!). We love to connect in person with our customers, and we feel blessed that we’re able to shake your hand to thank you for your business.

3. Get better, faster, and stronger service.

With a huge Coin Meter warehouse just down the street in Portland, we’re able to give you superior service to keep you running smoothly. When you need a part, we can get you a replacement right away. When you’re considering adding machines, we can quickly help you decide if that makes sense. When you have an urgent question that can’t wait much longer, we’re on it right now.

4. Happy residents save you money.

Because we more easily maintain your machines, they stay up and running. Machines that are down cost you money with lost washing opportunities. But even more important is that your residents won’t get frustrated because they don’t need to go offsite to do their laundry. When you make their life easier, they’ll be more likely to renew their lease and tell their friends about the good experience there.

5. You get special treatment.

Let’s face it, when you’ve got us right here in town with you, communication is more direct. This means that we’re able to get and respond to your feedback without as much confusion or interpretation. We can listen to your suggestions without all the extra middle men, and give you personalized service based on your needs.

6. Quick changes are easy.

Here at Coin Meter, we know that the industry is constantly changing. If you need to modify with more machines or different equipment because of changes in your residents and properties, we can help you make a switch fast. This kind of flexibility makes your job a cinch – and allows you to save or make more money ASAP.

So, now, when you hear the term “Local Business,” we hope you’ll be able to appreciate the huge advantages it offers. “Local” means you and your residents stay happy. That’s double the happy! Let’s keep everyone smiling.