Laundry Room Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Coin Meter gives tips tricks and hacks for improving the laundry room experience for both you and your residents.

Laundry room washersThe community laundry room is not usually the first thing you’d think your residents care about. However, laundry is a task that we all need to do! Thus, enhancing the experience can make an impact on your residents daily life. Here are some tips and tricks to make the laundry room a place you and your residents can smile about:

Improve your laundry room layout.

Increase efficiency by providing shelving for detergent and other supplies. Allocate and label a bucket or other container in the room for for Lint. This will keep all the lint from spreading throughout the room, and remind residents to clean out the lint periodically. Communal laundry rooms are famous for being a black hole of lost items, so create a bin or other container for lost & found items. Also, include tables for folding and temporarily storing laundry baskets.

Place less machines.

More machines aren’t necessarily better. There is an optimal number of turns per machine, and so it may make sense to have less machines to optimize the use of each of them, making your budget go further. We all know that space is money, so allocating the correct amount for your laundry room maximizes the utility of your property at the lowest cost. Consider a variety of a couple different types of machines too, for example one or two front-loaders, and the rest top-loaders, if needed to serve your population of residents.

Consolidate to one laundry room.

It may sound counterintuitive, but residents will end up happier if you can arrange for one large laundry room, instead of a smaller room on each floor. This is because it reduces the number of units that get noise and traffic right next to the laundry room. In addition, residents are more likely to find open machines, so you’re not spending money on extras not being used. It’s also easier for your staff to clean the room, care for the equipment, and replenish supplies.

Provide detergent (and encourage them to use less!).

Using more detergent doesn’t clean the laundry better, and they are more likely to use less if you provide it for them with instructions of exactly how much to use. This gives you the ability to supply detergent that’s better for longer life of the machine, and won’t clog them (like tide pods will!), leaving you with down machines that cost you money. The cost of detergent is minimal compared to the savings you’ll get from keeping your machines up and running.

Clean out your machines.

This is a best-practice, suggested every few months to get rid of extra residue and film. It will keep the machines running smoothly, and help keep it smelling fresh too. You can use a standard universal cleaner, or run the wash with vinegar and baking soda. If you have front loaders leave the doors ajar.

One final reminder is that, while doing laundry is a necessity for most of us, it’s a pretty boring chore that people rarely look forward to. So if there’s a way to make it a fun experience with bright colors or interesting artwork – maybe even a throwback video game in the room to keep them entertained, you’ll win some bonus points with your residents.

These suggested adjustments will likely save you money, and they’ll often increase your residents’ respect to improve the way they treat the room – and your property as a whole!