Here are the steps to Adding Value to your current Laundry Card at our Wave Point machines.
1. At the first welcome screen, you’ll need to select “Add Value”
2. Then, insert your Laundry Card
3. Choose whether you want to pay with “Cash”, “Credit” or “Code”
4. If you choose the “Credit” option, choose your payment amount and press “Enter.” Then  slide your credit or debit card when you’re prompted.
5. If you select the “Cash” option, you’ll simply enter your cash bills into the slot.  $5, $10, and $20’s only.
6. If you have a “Code,” first you’ll want to enter the dollar amount of the code, and then press “Enter.”
7. It will prompt you for the Code number, so enter the code number and press “Enter”
Once your payment has been accepted, your Laundry Card will eject from the machine, ready for you to take and use. You may also choose to get a paper receipt for the transaction.