Q: The laundry machine reads E06 when I try to use my smart card.

A: You may be removing the card too soon, try inserting the card again, select the cycle, press start, wait for the beep and then remove the card. If that doesn’t work try checking the balance on the card in another machine. If the error persists call Coin Meter for service.

Q I purchased a code online but the value isn’t on my card

A: When you purchase online or from a mobile phone you will receive a six digit code. You must take the code number to the Revalue Station to write the value to the card.

Q: Do I have to register my laundry card online?

A: Only residents with code only must register the laundry card online.

Q: The laundry machine reads Error when I try to use my smart card.

A: We suggest wiping the microchip with a clean cloth and trying again. A lot of times dust or dirt gets on the chip and once it is cleaned the card will work.

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