These are the steps for Purchasing an On-Line Code. This code is a number that you’ll use to add credit amounts to your Laundry Card at either the Wave Point Machine or Code Box systems.
1. If you’re using cash or credit card at our laundry systems, you do not need to purchase an online code.
2. First, log into your account. If you haven’t yet set up your account and registered your laundry card, you’ll need to go back and do that before you can log in.
3. To log into your account, enter the email you set the account up with. Then enter your password.
4. To purchase a code, click “Purchase a Revalue Code”
5. Select the amount of money you would like to add to your laundry card, and hit next.
6. Fill in your card information, and make sure to read and checkoff that you agree to the terms. Then, click “Make Payment”
7. Now you will be given your revalue code. This code can be taken to a Code Box or Wave Point Machine where you can apply the value to your card.
8. Note that you can choose to have the code emailed or text messaged to you.
9. And by hitting “Code Purchase History” you can search for any code you have purchased.
10. By clicking on “My Profile” you can see your information and make changes.
11. Check the box next to location to select a different location, or check the box next to Card Serial Number to change your card number.