Download the app here:

Instructions for use:

1.Download CleanPay Laundry App
2.Auto Locate Machine
3.Complete Sign-Up Process
4.Add Fund
5.Use App


*View videos below for specific use step by step instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

To auto-detect your locations, you need to be:
    1) In front of a laundry machine
    2) You must turn on Bluetooth on your phone
    3) The app must have permission to use the phone’s Bluetooth
If any of these three factors are unaccounted for, the app will not be able to determine where you are.

You must enter your phone’s settings and find the CleanPay setting. Once in CleanPay settings, you can grant the app permission to use Bluetooth.

The app needs to communicate with the machines for the machines to know a payment has been made. Bluetooth is the best way to facilitate this momentary communication. You do not need to pair your phone with the laundry machines as with headphones or other devices. The Bluetooth used in this instance transmits very little information and is only momentarily

Helpful Videos:

Downloading The CleanPay App
Registering The CleanPay App
Adding Funds to The CleanPay App
Starting a Machine with The CleanPay App