Providing a student-friendly, profitable, and efficient laundry service to students in the college housing setting is a unique challenge facing any college housing management team. Users of these laundry machines are students often learning how to do their laundry for the first time on their own, want to pay in a modern way, and are using machines frequently!

What Can Coin Meter Do For Your College Housing Laundry Rooms?

In addition to installing top of the line laundry and payment option equipment, Coin Meter every year administers customer service and training directly to students and administration on how to use the laundry machines, their payment options, and any new technology. Coin Meter is dedicated to teaching students about doing laundry efficiently and work with college housing management regularly on the best practices for educating their students on using the machines whether that be in person training, manuals, or visual signage in the laundry rooms.

Why choose Coin Meter for your service?

  • Profitable:  We do the work and share the revenue with the college
  • Saves time:  Coin Meter employees take care of the equipment from install to repairs
  • Secure collections :  Our bonded employees collect the money
  • Refunds :  If a machine malfunctions we will credit resident
  • Energy efficient:  We provide ultra-efficient Energy Star® front load and top load washers with matching dryers.

Coin Meter also provides resources on energy saving techniques and products for students to utilize.

  • Student laundry resources: Online instructions and helpful information like “how to do your laundry, how to save energy along with signs to aid with the laundry process.
  • Laundry vision:  Students can go online and see machine availability and time left in cycle.
  • No administration needed:  Students can request service online at our website, via email or by phone directly with a customer person representative.

Additional Resources for Students and College Housing Management

Download this PDF to show students how to be eco-friendly while still doing their laundry on campus: download eco-friendly pdf

Download this PDF of simple ‘How To Info’ for
first time laundry doers: download Wash & Dry Instructions pdf


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