Coin Meter Laundry

Keep your Laundry Room Running smoothly

Coin Meter appreciates your business, and we aim to ensure that your laundry room continues to stay profitable while making your residents happy with their experience.
Get service or repair.
If your laundry machine isn’t working, we have a live, local dispatcher available to help you. Most service is done same day it is reported or within 48 hours if parts or special equipment is needed. Click here to request service.
Replace old machines.
Efficient use of the machines will maximize your profit, and Coin Meter staff knows how to evaluate which are the right machines for your space and residents. You can get new machines at no cost, and we’ll share the revenue with you. Click here to talk to our sales representatives.
Get equipment support.
We’re here to educate and help you and your residents with training for the equipment you choose. Click here for customer support. We also have video tutorials for most of our systems.
Get the payment system you need.
We have credit card, smart card, or coin operated machines, with options for your residents to track and view their laundry online. Check out our variety of payment systems if you’re considering adding or changing options.
Call, click, or stop by. We’re right here!
We’re local in the Pacific Northwest, and love to meet with you in person. We’re here to listen to your needs and suggestions and respond with ideas and solutions. Contact us today!