Get Familiar With Modern Ways You Can Pay to Do Laundry

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There’s a popular myth that laundry facilities only accept quarters, severely restricting the ways residents can pay. Although you still might find the odd laundry facility that has yet to get with the times, you’ll find that most offer a wide variety of ways to pay comparable with most retail businesses. That makes the laundry experience smoother, more efficient, and more convenient. Here, we’re going to update your notion of laundry rooms by highlighting all the different modern ways you can pay to do laundry. Whether you live in a dorm, apartment, or condo, you’ll never look at a laundry facility the same again!

Credit & Debit Cards

The most common modern payment solution for laundry facilities is plastics. Most places accept credit and debit cards. Some facilities have independent payment stations at each machine while others have a centralized system where you pay for any machine you want to use. Regardless, the credit and debit card process is the same transaction as any other store. Depending on the card reader, you’ll need to swipe, insert, or tap your card. This is one of the most straightforward payment methods as it’s familiar to all clientele. It’s great in a pinch when you forgot to carry around a bunch of quarters…which is often!

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Smart Cards

Some laundry facilities have a single payment system that converts your deposit into credits on a smart card. You can top up these smart cards in a variety of ways including with coins, credit cards, and debit cards, depending on the common-use laundry room. The smart card you’re provided works at any of the machines in the facility. It’s your ticket to use washers and dryers without having to worry about inputting physical cash or coins into the machines. It’s a unique and convenient way to pay for laundry. You can upload all the credits you need to complete your laundry in one go without having to make multiple payments.


You never leave home without your phone, which is why some shared laundry rooms have decided to allow payments directly from a customized mobile app. Typically, you’ll have a profile in the app where you can top off funds via multiple payment methods such as debit card, credit card, bank transfer, or various other popular payment options. Starting a washer or dryer cycle is as simple as taking out your phone, opening up the app, and tapping a few buttons. The process is quick, seamless, and hassle-free. If you’re somebody who already makes most payments through your phone, laundry is yet another wallet-less service.

Prepaid Cards

Some laundry facilities allow users to pay with prepaid cards unique to the location. This payment option is perfect for apartments, dorms, and condos where tenants always do their laundry in the same shared facility. You can top up the prepaid card with as much money as you need, any time you need it at the Add-Value Station. You can even check to see how much money you still have left on the card. Every shared laundry room will have its own spins on this payment method, but the general structure is relatively straightforward.

The future of laundry payment options is here.

Long gone are the days when you needed to haul a giant bag of quarters to the shared laundry room. These are just some of the latest examples of modernized payment systems popping up across the country. You’ll most commonly find a unique combination of payment choices at each location based on what the property owner has deemed most convenient for their customers. It’s always a good idea to scope out a facility’s payment choices before settling on a long-term location. You’re always better suited with more options.

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