Coin Meter Company turns your property’s laundry room headaches into a low-maintenance service that is profitable for you and convenient for your residents.

Having problems with your old, overused machines? Coin Meter Company installs our own new machines into your laundry rooms at zero cost.

Is your laundry machine breaking down and causing frustrations for your residents? Coin Meter has a live, local dispatcher on site that is available to assist a property manager or a resident’s problem by phone or by email.

Any service that needs to be done to a Coin Meter laundry machine is often done the same day it is reported or within 48 hours by factory trained technicians with fully stocked vehicles. Your residents’ laundry and time are our number one priority.

Do you feel like your laundry machines should be generating more revenue? Since Coin Meter has served the multi-family laundry room industry for over 40 years, we guarantee that seeking out the advisement of Coin Meter is your best way to improve the operation of your laundry rooms, so they are as profitable as possible while still focusing on resident satisfaction.

Coin Meter Company provides you with experts in multi-family laundry room operation and equipment installations, various laundry equipment options and payment systems, we work to find a perfect, profitable fit that is unique to each of our properties.

Betsy is a happy Coin Meter Company customer in Portland, Oregon. Listen to her feedback about the Coin Meter service and how we have made laundry more convenient for her residents by eliminating quarters and offering a smart card laundry system.

Dan Addis is the manager of The Morrison Apartments in Portland, Oregon. Watch to find out why Dan and his management team praise the adjustments Coin Meter has made to his apartment’s laundry rooms.


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