Seasonal Fashion Tips

Winter is well underway in the Pacific Northwest, bringing seasonally cold weather with it. However, it will soon be over as spring emerges.

Each of the four seasons has its own set of necessary clothing. The fashion industry uses the changing of the seasons to roll out the latest and most trendy looks. Some of those may differ from year to year, but others are fairly constant and consistent.

Here’s a look at the styles that are typically worn during every particular season, so you can plan ahead for the spring, summer, fall and winter of 2019.


This year, spring officially starts on Wednesday, March 20 and ends on Friday, June21. While usually warmer than winter, spring in the Pacific Northwest can still be very cold. Occasional warm days can be followed by days or weeks of rain.And it even snows some years during the spring.

That potential volatility means you shouldn’t be in a hurry to put your sweaters in storage just yet. You may not need your heavier jackets as much anymore, but you’ll still want to have windbreakers handy.

In terms of colors, spring fashion often gravitates towards more pastel-based tones like light blue and yellow.


The summer of 2019 kicks off on June 21 and ends on Monday, September 23. It will be time to break out your shorts, t-shirts and polo shirts while you have the chance!

Oregon doesn’t get as hot as some places during the summer. However, it’s still one of the best times of year in which to wear white, as it absorbs less heat and can go a long way towards keeping you cooler than you would be otherwise.


From September 23 to December 21, fall will be upon us. Recent years have seen Oregon’s warmer summer months extend into the fall. But the general rule is that if it hasn’t started pouring rain by Halloween, it will shortly thereafter.

The shorts you wore during the summer probably won’t get much use once fall hits.It’s time to stick to longer pants like jeans. Similarly, those short-sleeved shirts will leave you arms bare and cold. Better cover them with a sweater or,if need be, layers of sweaters.

Fall also opens up the color palette quite a bit. Some of the best colors to wear during this time of year are those that match the leaves falling on the ground.In particular, dark reds, purples and browns are much more popular in the fall.


We’ve now come full circle. Winter will begin Saturday, December 21 and end on Thursday, March 19 of 2020. Even though that sounds like it’s a far away, it will be here sooner than you know it.

People want to look their best, regardless of the season. But let’s be honest—when it’s cold outside, comfort takes priority over fashion. Maybe your heavy winter jacket isn’t the prettiest article of clothing in your closet. Would you really rather wear something less warm for the sake of looking good?

Blacks,whites and grays are more commonly worn this time of year. Whatever you’re wearing underneath is your own business. The best recommendation is whatever makes up the layers you will need to keep from being cold. And you may end up needing a few!

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