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Commercial laundry washing machine and dryer sales and service..


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Coin Meter Company turns your property’s laundry room headaches into a low-maintenance service that is profitable for you and convenient for your residents. Coin Meter provides equipment, installation, service, collections, and shares the revenue with each property. All of our accounts receive one-of-a-kind personal attention and customer support from experienced and educated specialists in the industry on accounting, card systems, service calls, profits, and resident issues and training.

Coin Meter’s mission is to exceed resident satisfaction when they are doing their laundry, to eliminate laundry room concerns from management, and to make laundry rooms profitable for each of our properties. We supply our customers with the equipment that best suits their facility, whether it is reliable coin operated machines or the latest Smart Card and WaveRider technology. Then we keep the equipment running with same-day service in most cases, and a 24-hour emergency contact seven days a week.


    For our route customers,Coin Meter provides all the equipment, installation, service, collections and shares the revenue with the property. It is profitable to properties as we do the work to maintain all aspects of the laundry room and equipment and we share the profits made.Click here to change this text


    Customers that rent only are allowed to rent washers and dryers from Coin Meter on a monthly basis. Coin Meter will provide the machines and continue to provide service to the equipment while the customer collects the money. This option saves time for customers and money as we provide new machines and service parts.


    All of Coin Meter’s accounts will work personally with an account service specialist on details about collections, payments and account information. Tailored to what works best for each account, we offer paperless and digital options as well as direct deposit to ensure secure delivery of customer’s revenue share. We are reliable, timely and accurate.


    Coin Meter Company has a live dispatcher to answer your calls or emails and assist you with your questions or needs. Our Card Systems Customer Service Representative works with residents and managers in person on training and maintaining customer satisfaction with adjusting to a card system payment option.

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