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Laundry EquipmentCoin Meter prides ourselves on making sure the machines we place are the best fit for your property and residents. There are many new trends and types of machines, controls, and payment options. Whether you want to conserve energy or save space on your property, our staff is trained to work with you when you’re choosing your machines to make sure your equipment is perfect for your facility’s needs.
Coin Meter proudly distributes Speed Queen laundry systems.
Speed Queen’s 90 year reputation for quality products with innovative technology is supported by their position as North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment.
You have more control options.
In many cases, we can customize the controls for you. Speed Queen’s customized systems for coin or smart-card vending options include NetMaster and CardMate Plus software with a NetMaster Control for computerized programming and data retrieval.
Speed Queen has the right mix of quality models.
When equipping a laundry room, the decisions seem endless. From energy efficient front loading washers, to space-saving stacked dryers, Speed Queen has high quality machines at an affordable price. The Coin Meter staff knows how to evaluate your needs and recommend equipment that will give you the most efficiency and potential profit.
You’ll get ongoing equipment support.
We’ll help both you and your residents if you decide to make a change in your equipment. We’re here to educate and help you and your residents understand how to best use the equipment you choose. And, because we’re local, our service and parts turnaround is quick.
With Speed Queen’s combination of quality products, innovative systems, and Coin Meter’s dependable customer service, you can be confident that we can meet all your laundry needs and you’ll be happy with the results.

Quality Models to Choose From


Frontload Washers
These models offer increased energy efficiency, and fit in well with your existing rear control equipment. They’re also larger, adding more laundry capacity to your space. Click here to view more machine details.
Topload Washers
Toploads are very simple and easy to use. The model we install has many different choices on your controls, which allows for us to customize them for you. They’re super high quality and tend to last longer without need for service or repair. Click here to view more machine details.


Single Dryers
These models have a extra big capacity and large doors, so residents love ‘em! There’s a variety of control options too, so we can tailor it for the needs of your facility.
Click here to view more machine details.
Stacked Dryers

Have a good capacity and are additionally great for saving space! We also have stacked double-dryer options, to really maximize your space.
Click here to view more machine details.
Stacked Washer-Dryer Combo
When your community laundry room is extremely limited, there are also options for stacked washer and dryer combinations.
Click here to view more machine details.