Payment Options
That Make Laundry Easy

Coin Meter makes payment easy, with machines that are credit card, mobile app or coin operated. Our line of innovative payment system equipment is convenient, secure and flexible for your property and residents.

Payment Systems

Multiple Solutions for Cash-Less Payments

App Base Payment

Say goodbye to quarters woes. With coin-less payment system, residents can start washers and dryers simply using their smartphones. It's the easiest and most convenient option for those who prefer to carry only their phone, eliminating the risk of losing cash or cards while doing laundry.

Smart Card Machine System

This system can give your residents extra flexibility of options. An on-site kiosk provides a resident with a laundry card that is their ticket to an enjoyable laundry experience at the laundry machines. We have options for your residents to add value to smart laundry cards using either cash or credit/debit cards.

Credit/Debit Cards Only

Sometimes your residents don’t have coin. With this payment option, your residents pay at the machine with the bank card they already have in their wallet. Many residents are accustomed to using their debit or credit cards at parking meters and merchants everywhere. Now they don’t have to carry coin or cash to get their laundry clean, and get on their way.

The Latest Laundry Payment Solution - Kiosoft

We're excited to be a part of Kiosoft revolutionary payment systems.
A Coin-less approach to laundry payment, with their mobile app, and card payments.

Cash-less, Carefree Laundry: Enhance Customer Service and Security

Upgrade your laundry service and elevate customer satisfaction while assuring on-site security with Coin Meter’s cash-less system. Embracing the latest technology in payment solutions, we’ve designed a simple solution that not only benefits your residents but also streamlines your operations.

With our cash-less system, bidding farewell to coin-related frustrations becomes a reality. No more jammed machines or running out of quarters. Your residents will appreciate the convenience and simplicity of paying with their phone or card.

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Trust Coin Meter for a Seamless Laundry Experience Throughout Oregon and Western Washington

Coin Meter is your hassle-free laundry service provider. Offering top-tier equipment, convenient cash-less payment systems, and on-location repair service. Trust us to produce your share of the revenue each month and keep your laundry service running smoothly with our fast response times, local routes, and commitment to service.