Maximize Machine Life With A Local Laundry Vendor

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Due to the numerous months of rain and cold weather in the Pacific Northwest, there is an extremely high demand for laundry services. Not only does it result in frustrated residents and headaches for property managers when a machine is out at your property, but it also results in a loss of revenue as no one pays for the use of the machine when it is not working.

Make laundry machine maintenance a priority

Having the support of a local laundry room service provider for your apartment complex is not only a matter of convenience, but also an important investment to ensure the efficiency, longevity, and overall functionality of your laundry rooms in case machines malfunction. Being prepared for the need of a speedy repair on-demand is just as important as preventing machines malfunction in the first place.

You won’t want to wait 1-3 business days (or more…) for a professional to respond if your machine malfunctions. The wait will be even longer if new parts are required. If a machine requires a parts replacement, a local company that specializes in community laundry rooms can cut that wait time down to 24 hours. Providing quick repair services to your residents shows your commitment to service, resulting in happier laundry users and more revenue.

Laundry room space should be maximized

A communal laundry room service specialist can assess your space to ensure you’re maximizing profit and reducing maintenance costs. In terms of revenue and time spent managing your laundry machines, making sure you have the right brand and amount of machines for your property can make a world of difference for your bottom line.

In addition to coin-based laundry equipment and route service, Coin Meter Company provides laundry services for multifamily properties and campus housing. For over 50 years, Coin Meter Company has operated in Oregon and Washington with experienced, manufacturer-trained service technicians. Get started and learn more by clicking here.