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Helping improve the business of running and maintaining laundry service.

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“When you remove layers,
simplicity and speed happen.”
— Ginni Rometty

Commercial laundry washing machine and dryer sales and service..

Better Ecology.
Keep it local. Keep it clean.

Efficient technology, Just-down-the-street service.

“Simplicity is efficient.” — A.D. Posey

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Better Equipment.
We provide what you need...It’s that simple.

Complicated isn't better.

“if one bite fills you, you don't need two.”— Marty Rubin

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Better Technology.
What is best is... what works best.

Solve the problem. The rest is distraction.

“Simple works, complex fails.” — Timothy Ferriss

Coin Meter Company delivers exceptional laundry room services throughout Oregon & Southwest Washington for apartments and campus housing. We provide credit card, smart card & coin-operated laundry equipment and prompt customer service. Read what our customers have to say…


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How We Help You

Property Owners and Onsite Managers

Turn your laundry center into a profit center.
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Apartment Residents

We make it easy to clean your laundry.

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College Housing

Since you’re not living with mom anymore, it’s time to do your own laundry!

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The Simplicity of Our Services


Coin Meter provides all the equipment, installation, service, collections and shares the revenue with the property.

Rent commercial washers and dryers

Customers that rent only are allowed to rent washers and dryers from Coin Meter on a monthly basis.

Outsourced laundry business services

All of Coin Meter’s accounts will work personally with an account service specialist on details about collections, payments and account information.

Commercial laundry service and support

Coin Meter Company has a live dispatcher to answer your calls or emails and assist you with your questions or needs


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